A European theatre

The cultural identity of the Europeans is multiple, complex, contradictory – and yet, as recognizable as the red thread that runs throughout our history.
Giorgio Strehler

The Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe has played a leading role in the fight for a certain ideal of European culture. An ideal which is still largely inspired by values inherited from the Enlightment, but needs today to be rethought and reinvented in the light of the present. These efforts form an important part of our activities.


The Odéon is an active member of mitos21, an association of some of the leading European theatrical institutions. Its main objective is to help European professionals meet and share their experience in their respective fields, so as to work together on common topics and compare their know-how, putting it into proper perspective.

Les membres : Amsterdam Toneelgroep, Barcelone Teatre Lliure, Berlin Deutsches Theater, Budapest Katona József Szinház, Copenhague Det Kongelige Teater, Cracovie Narodowy Stary Teatr, Ludwigsbourg Akademie für Darstellende Kunst Baden-Württemberg, Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus, Francfort Schauspiel, Londres National Theatre, Moscou Théâtre des Nations, Salzbourg Université Mozarteum – Institut Thomas Bernhard, Stockholm Dramaten – Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern, Zürich Schauspielhaus

European Route of Historic Theatres

The Odéon is an officially classified historic monument. As such, it is one of the 120 European houses scattered along the European Route of Historic Theatres. Twelve different sightseeing tours, each one regrouping about ten remarkable theatres, offer new ways of travelling across the continent.

Portraits of Europe

We all share a common history. Several public figures tell us about their European origins, in a series of encounters organized within the larger frame of TRAVERSES.

Génération(s) Odéon

An artistic and cultural educational program, for the benefit of children attending schools in prioritary areas. Since 2014, more than one hundred young participants have benefited from Génération(s)  Odéon. During the present season, two classes (of secondary school level) will be working on the following topic: “What does it mean to be a young European citizen?”

Productions in foreign languages, with French surtitles

Tpи cecTpы [Les Trois Sœurs], in Russian sign language with French and English surtitles
La Vita ferma [La Vie suspendue], in Italian
Saigon, in French and Vietnamese
The Encounter [La Rencontre], in English

Productions with English and French surtitles

The Three Sisters Fridays, December 1st and 15
Macbeth Fridays, February 23 and March 9
Bérénice Fridays, May 25 and June 8
L’Avare (The Miser) Fridays, June 15 and 29