The Odéon-Théâtre de l'Europe offers projects and pedagogical courses which have been drawn up by working together with pedagogical teams and teaching establishments.

Dossiers pédagogiques

Pedagogical resources in digital format are available on
Pedagogical dossiers, devised in partnership with CANOPE, are available for the shows chosen.


Encounters between pupils and artistic or technical teams provide a special form of accompaniment. They can take place before or after the show, or even outside of the programme schedule on themes such as stage design and lighting.


These workshops prolong the journey of discovery of the theatre.

Theatre practice

Using scenes taken from the show itself, pupils tackle the words of the text for themselves by trying their hands at acting and directing.


A writer hosts a workshop giving participants an initiation into writing, based on the themes of the  one of the season’s shows.

Reading out aloud

An actor works with pupils on voice, breathing, body, and punctuation based on short texts, in relationship with the show chosen.

Set design

Looking at stage design offers students the possibility of proposing their own decors, costumes, and  accessories.

Research at the theatre’s médiathèque


Accompanied by a guide, discover the building’s history, its two theatres, adjoining rooms and programme of shows.

Théâtre de l'Odéon 6e : Presentation of the building’s history and architecture, as well as its artistic and technical activities.
Ateliers Berthier 17e : Discover the set construction workshops, and the stage modular space.

The visit lasts around 1h30 (its duration may be altered in accordance with activity in the theatre). The group must be present a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the visit start time.
The maximum number of participants is 35 people.
For subscription and partner classes, visits are offered free of charge, as part of a specialized accompaniment.
For classes not seeing a show, the fee for the visit is 120€.


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