Ateliers Berthier local inhabitants groups

During  the summer of 2002, the Odéon moved to new premises at the Ateliers Berthier in the 17th arrondissement whilst renovation work was carried out on its 6th arrondissement theatre. In 2005, the Ateliers were officially designated as the Odéon-Théâtre de l'Europe’s second theatre.
From 2008 onwards, intensive efforts have been made to generate audience awareness and support amongst Ateliers Berthier local audiences (17th / 18th  / Clichy  / Saint-Ouen).

The target audience was one of indiscriminate young people and adults alike, living or working in the surrounding area, and with whom we could build up a constructive and mutually beneficial relationship.
A large-scale network developed around the Ateliers Berthier thanks to efforts made by neighbourhood associations (drop-in centres, local initiatives), town councils of the 17th, Clichy, Saint-Ouen, and the local development team of the 17th arrondissement, among others.
Recognition of the necessity of this work was palpable. The transformation of the immediate area around Ateliers Berthier (Construction of ZAC Paris-Batignolles, designation of Porte de Clichy as a Zone Urbaine Sensible and the urban regeneration of Porte Pouchet) has opened up a host of new horizons for this sector.  The idea was to complement this new-found mixity and heterogeneity amongst audiences, and potential source of social cohesion.
A number of artistic projects have been put in place, such as in 2012-2013 with "Tous à Berthier ! "drawing upon schools and colleges from the 17th arrondissement, Moving cities as part of the European project Cities on stage, and the Red Star Lab with young footballers from Saint-Ouen.
Every season, the artistic and cultural education program "Adolescence et territoire(s)" enables around twenty adolescents between 15 and 20 years old from the Ateliers Berthier surrounding areas to participate in the creation of a piece of theatre for a whole year, under the guidance of a theatre director. Thanks to support from Vivendi Create Joy, more than 60 adolescents from the 17th, Saint-Ouen, Clichy-la-Garenne, Saint-Denis and Asnières-sur-Seine have worked for the last three seasons with Didier Ruiz (2013 comme possible), Jean Bellorini (Le Rêve d'un homme ridicule by Fiodor Dostoïevski, in 2014) and Julie Deliquet (Gabriel(le), collective new work in 2015).



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