Berthier 17e

16 march – 21 april 2018

Ithaque Our Odyssey 1

by Christiane Jatahy / associate artist

inspired by Homer’s work

A new production / in French, Portuguese and English, subtitled in French
Odéon 6e

05 may – 27 may 2018

Tristesses [Sadness]

a show by Anne-Cécile Vandalem

Das Fräulein (Kompanie)

Berthier 17e

11 may – 10 june 2018


by Jean Racine

directed by Célie Pauthe

Odéon 6e

02 june – 30 june 2018

L'Avare [The Miser]

by Molière

directed by Ludovic Lagarde


Spectacles passés

Odéon 6e

12 september – 01 october 2017

Les Particules élémentaires [Atomised]

by Michel Houellebecq

directed by Julien Gosselin

Berthier 17e

05 october – 15 october 2017

три сестры [The Three Sisters]

by Anton Tchekhov

directed by Timofeï Kouliabine

In Russian sign language, subtitled in French and English
Berthier 17e

07 november – 15 november 2017

La Vita ferma [La Vie suspendue]

text and directed by Lucia Calamaro

in Italian, with French subtitles
Odéon 6e

10 november – 22 december 2017

The Three Sisters

based on the work by Anton Chekhov

a production by Simon Stone / associate artist

French new production from the original production in Theater Basel (German version created on 10th December 2016)
Berthier 17e

24 november – 22 december 2017


by Thomas Vinterberg and Mogens Rukov

directed by Cyril Teste

Berthier 17e

12 january – 10 february 2018


a production by Caroline Guiela Nguyen / associate artist

les Hommes Approximatifs

in French and Vietnamese subtitled in French
Odéon 6e

26 january – 10 march 2018


by William Shakespeare

directed and stage design by Stéphane Braunschweig

A new production
Odéon 6e

29 march – 08 april 2018

The Encounter

a production by Complicité / Simon McBurney

based on Amazon Beaming by Petru Popescu

in English, subtitled in French