The Exterior

After its doors opened in 1782, the Théâtre de l'Odéon is the oldest theatre monument in Paris. What characterizes this building is the austerity of its underlying cubic forms, its great mass, and Doric order, to which its two architects added the following justification: it is in keeping with the order of Apollo, the leader of the Muses. The building’s monumental aspect is reminiscent of the grandeur of the monuments of Ancient Greece...

It was built, on the old grounds of the hotel of Condé, by the architects Charles de Wailly (1730-1798) and Marie Joseph Peyre (1730-1785) representatives of the neo-classic style, which they will contribute to popularize.

They will present several projects. That which will be accepted is conceived on a rectangular plan. The principal frontage is avoided of a rectilinear colonnade. Bridges, on each side, led then to coffees located in the buildings which flank the theatre, on the other side of the street. An arcade makes the turn of the building.