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« Theatre, no more so than the other arts, is not incidental. In contemporary societies, where our gaze upon the world is an ever more immediate one, theatres are testing grounds in which innovation and the freedom to create find their expression.» Luc Bondy




Since 2012, Luc Bondy, Director of the Odéon-Théâtre de l'Europe, has regularly invited “artists whose work he envies”.
Each season, major figures from the world of European and international theatre, such as Angelica Liddell, Christoph Marthaler, Thomas Ostermeier, Peter Stein, Ivo van Hove and Robert Wilson are welcomed onto the two Odéon stages (in the 6th and 17th arrondissements). Alongside them, renowned French directors, from Claude Régy to Joël Pommerat, and from Alain Françon to Jean-François Sivadier, bring to life new and classic works..
The new generation of directors are also given pride of place on the two Odéon stages, namely Jean Bellorini, Julien Gosselin, Thomas Jolly, Benjamin Porée and soon Séverine Chavrier.
Whether you choose to support the artistic season as a whole or more specifically the creation of new work, supporting the Odeon gives you access to exclusive benefits.
Whether a company or an individual donor, joining the Odéon Circle gives you the opportunity to share unique experiences with the theatre’s artistic teams, and to follow the creative process via encounters and evening events in the theatre reception areas.
Donations to the Odéon-Théâtre de l'Europe are tax-deductible: up to 60% for corporate donation, up to 66 % for individual donation

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