Training courses

The training courses are aimed at various educational professionals, such as teachers of all disciplines and all levels, youth and group leaders, pedagogical advisors, headmasters, establishment directors, and inspectors.

The objective is to train individuals involved in education in order to :

  • encourage more frequent visits to the theatre
  • introduce the analysis of dramatic works into the heart of their activities
  • aid in the construction of an educational approach as opposed to simply a visit to the theatre
  • provide key elements to help get the most out of readings of the various works
  • facilitate the acquisition of knowledge in the history of theatre, literature, and European culture
  • develop methodological competencies and responses linked to the professional domains of the participants.

The organization of these training courses is centered on  :

  • a cultural journey (outing to the theatre accompanied or not by a visit to the theatre, encounters with the artistic team etc)
  • a period of theoretical and didactical analysis
  • a period of artistic practice (acting workshops, writing, stage design, reading out aloud etc...)
  • sharing of accompanying documentation.

We work in close collaboration with various institutions belonging to the Education nationale (Ministère, Rectorat, Inspection académique, University...) as part of the PAF and PNF.


Emilie Dauriac
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