by William Shakespeare
a show by Christiane Jatahy
associate artist
created at the Odéon

estimated duration 2h15

5 March – 14 April 2024

Odéon 6e

Isabel Abreu (Ophelie)
Tom Adjibi (Guildenstern)
Servane Ducorps (Gertrude)
Clotilde Hesme (Hamlet)
David Houri (Rosencrantz)
Tonan Quito (Polonius)
Matthieu Sampeur (Claudius)

Christiane Jatahy is known for her radical adaptations of classic works through her unique, signature prism, which combines theatre and cinema. This time, the Brazilian director enters into Hamlet’s head. Shakespeare’s most famous hero crosses four centuries to arrives in today’s world, in which the fight against the patriarchal violence of the system put in place by Claudius, Polonius, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern is led by a female character. In Christian Jatahy’s show, young Hamlet has become a mature woman — just as troubled as Hamlet was by past faults, aspiring just as much as he to change the future. Simultaneously, Gertrude (her mother) and Ophélie (her fiancée) share her private life, egg her on to confront the past and to relive the story — and to change theirs at the same time. Like in a documentary, the camera is at once a tool for the quest for truth and a defensive weapon: which resources should be used to go into action and overthrow the tyrant? Shakespeare’s tragedy meets the question that underlies all of Christiane Jatahy’s work: identifying the levers of change.