Les Mille et Une Nuits

freely based on The Thousand and One Nights

a show by Guillaume Vincent

Compagnie MidiMinuit

with English surtitles every Saturdays

duration 3h (with one interval)

8 novembre — 8 décembre

Odéon 6e
With English surtitles on November 9th, 16th, 23d, 30th and December 7th

Cast :
Alann Baillet,
Florian Baron,
Moustafa Benaïbout,
Lucie Ben Dû,
Hanaa Bouab,
Andréa El Azan,
Émilie Incerti Formentini,
Florence Janas,
Makita Samba,
Kyoko Takenaka,
Charles-Henri Wolff

Young director Vincent previously created Midsummer Night’s Dream and Metamorphosis Hotel by Shakespeare and Ovidius at Odeon Theatre and Love me tender by Raymond Carver and the Opera The Second woman adapted from Opening Nights by Cassavetes at Bouffes du Nord Theatre last year. His work has been presented at the Avignon Festival, Opéra Comique, and abroad (Montreal, Princeton, Beyrouth). The Thousand and One Nights is a threaded work. Thread of a tale for which each episode is a pearl. The seduction of the tale is here hanging by a thread; if Scheherazade ceases to charm her cruel listener, she will perish. Meandering thread of the labyrinth of desire and death. For Guillaume Vincent, who signs the text of this very personal vision, this maze of stories is prone to a stage journey between « real and fantasized universes » interspersed with songs, music and dances: The Thousand and One Nights, he concludes,« or how the power of fiction can put an end to barbarism ».

With English surtitles on November 9th, 16th, 23d, 30th and December 7th