Une mort dans la famille

[ A Death In The Family ]


text and direction Alexander Zeldin
associate artist

duration 2h10

4 - 20 February 2021 2022

Berthier 17e


Marie Christine
Barrault Thierry Bosc
Nicole Dogué
Annie Mercier
Karidja Touré
Catherine Vinatier

Nita Alonso
Flores Cardo
Francine Champlon
Michèle Kerneis
Dominique de Lapparent
Françoise Rémont
Marius Yelolo

Aliocha Delmotte
Hadrien Heaulmé
Ferdinand Redouloux

Marguerite is going to end her days in a retirement home. Her daughter and two grandsons live nearby… For the first time in his career, Alexander Zeldin will be working directly in French. The public already knows how attentive he is to the margins of contemporary society. In this project, the British director and playwright also turns his gaze « inwards », towards a grief that everyone is to experience someday. The humanity he presents on stage, confronted with the end of life, is stripped of all consoling finery. The compassion that the audience shares is felt are all the more intensely. While completing the writing of his play, the new associate artist of the Odéon will work it over with his troupe of amateurs and professionals (including Marie-Christine Barrault, to whom he has given the role of Marguerite).