text Marion Siéfert, Matthieu Bareyre
direction Marion Siéfert
creation 2023

estimated duration 3h30 (with intermission)

9 – 26 May 2023 2023

Odéon 6e


with Émilie Cazenave, Lou Chrétien-Février, Jennifer Gold, Lila Houel, Louis Peres, Charles-Henri Wolff

Marion Siéfert likes to stage plays about childhood in order to put forward its claims and revolts against the adult world. In Daddy, the 13-year-old heroine lives in a small town where her family struggles to make ends meet. Role-playing video games with other online players allow her to escape from real life. One day, her avatar meets the avatar of a male player. This virtual meeting leads her to progress in the game through increasingly disturbing challenges.
On stage, the real world fades into a digital reality where everything can be traded and bought.
Marion Siéfert trusts the theatre and its ability to play with identity to tell us how dizzying and disorientating virtual relationships can be.