a contemporary variation on Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen 
text by Sébastien Monfè, Mira Goldwicht
directed by Aurore Fattier
creation 2022

duration 2h30

12 May – 9 June 2023 2023

Berthier 17e


with Fabrice Adde, Delphine Bibet, Yoann Blanc, Carlo Brandt, Lara Ceulemans, Valentine Gérard, Fabien Magry, Deborah Marchal, Annah Schaeffer, Alexandre Trocki, Maud Wyler

With Hedda, a portrait of several women, Aurore Fattier immerses us in the last days of rehearsals for Ibsen's famous play Hedda Gabler. Laure Stijn, a theatre director in her forties, is staging the play. As the work progresses, memories of her sister Esther, a young actress who died fifteen years earlier, are revived. The videos and set design help create multiple mirror effects between fiction and reality. In this play, Aurore Fattier chooses not to depict a fascinating heroine confronting her tragic destiny. Rather, she questions this myth and invites us to find in Ibsen’s work a different way of telling the story of a woman's life.