Adolescence et territoire(s)

Since the doors of its Ateliers Berthier theatre opened at Porte de Clichy, in the heart of the Quartier Politique de la Ville urban regeneration program, a very mixed neighbourhood of the 17th arrondissement (from Ternes to Batignolles, and from La Fourche to Epinettes), the Odéon has been involved in raising awareness amongst younger audiences and those with limited access to culture.
We should no longer view this fast changing urban space, peripheral area of the past and urban centre of the future, as a dividing axis but as a gateway, which will its inhabitants to make this area and its new brand of urbanism their own.
In this unique spatial, context and as part of its mission to open up theatre to wider audiences, the Odéon-Théâtre de l'Europe has sought to develop a project aimed at adolescents from Ateliers Berthier neighbouring areas. After all, these same individuals will be the central players in the life of this district under (re)construction.
Every season since 2012, the « Adolescence & Territoire(s) » program gives around twenty adolescents aged between 15 and 20 years old the opportunity to participate in the creation of a piece of theatre for a whole year, under the guidance of a theatre director.


4th EDITION 2015-2016 SEASON

Pour sa quatrième édition, Adolescence et territoire(s) se poursuit en 2015/2016 avec l'auteure et comédienne Manon Thorel et la dramaturge Julie Lerat-Gersant (Cie la Piccola Familia) qui For its fourth edition, Adolescence et territoire(s) continues into 2015/2016 with a new artistic team (Manon Thorel and Julie Lerat-Gersant from la Piccola Familia) which will be inviting other groups of adolescents to present their work at the Ateliers Berthier on the 6th and 7th May 2016, and then in the various partner theatres the 10th May 2016 at l'Espace 1789 de Saint-Ouen, 12th May 2016 at Théâtre Rutebeuf de Clichy-la-Garenne and 20th May 2016 at Théâtre Gérard Philipe - Centre Dramatique National de Saint-Denis.

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Pas à pas / 1st episode of the 4th edition :






© Mélissa Boucher / First worshop at the Espace 1789 / Saint-Ouen / October 26th to 30th, 2015



3rd EDITION 2014-2015 SEASON


2d EDITION 2013-2014 SEASON


1st EDITION 2012-2013 SEASON



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